Womens' Hostel

Women’s Hostel:

Sapatgram College has a Women’s Hostel constructed with the UGC grants in two phases. The Women’s Hostel is situated within the college campus in a healthy and secured environment. It is adjacent to the Principal’s Quarter. The hostel has its own set of rules and regulations which are strictly mandatory for all the boarders. Students are encouraged to practise yoga in the hostel in the evening. One Yoga teacher teaches them the fundamentals of yoga every Sunday morning. This helps the boarders to concentrate their minds to devote for learning.


The Women’s Hostel, Sapatgram College has a strong and effective administrative base comprising the following members:

  1. R. P. Singh, Principal : Overall Administrator
  2. P. G. Agarwala, Associate Professor: Superintendent
  3. Smriti Rekha Barman, Assistant Professor, Warden
  4. Nilima Das: Asst. Warden
  5. Monitress: Selected from among boarders

Salient Features of the Women’s Hostel:

  • Total Built-Up Area: 5975 sq. ft.
  • Four Seated Rooms for Students: 10
  • Rooms for the Warden: 02
  • Dining Hall: 01
  • Kitchen: 01
  • Total Number of Seats: 40
  • Every room is furnished with 4 beds, 4 study tables, 4 chairs, 4 bookshelves
  • Sufficient numbers of lavatories, urinals and bathrooms with running water have been provided.


The hostel administration leaves no stone unturned to provide the minimum basic facilities to the boarders such as sanitation, television, running water, online ultraviolet water purifier, electricity, inverters during power failure and First Aid Box. In case of any medical emergency, the boarders are taken to the Primary Health Centre which is situated in front of the Women’s Hostel.


The hostel mess is run by a Mess Committee which is constituted of 5 members selected/ elected from among the boarders, the Superintendent and the Warden. The hostel provides food in order of tea and biscuits, breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Expert cooking staff is a unique addition to the quality of the hostel.

Hostel Admission:

Regular hostel admission is done at the time of admission in college of each academic session. Students are selected strictly on the basis of merit. However, the reservation policy for SC/ST/OBC category students is strictly maintained.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. The students have to maintain strict discipline within the hostel premises.
  2. The students must keep their rooms and the surrounding clean for a healthy living. They must put the wastes in the dustbins provided.
  3. The study hour of the hostel is from 6.00 A.M to 8.00 A.M in the morning and from 6.30 P.M to 11.30 P.M in the night with a break of 30minutes at 9.00 P.M for supper. The study hour has to be strictly maintained by all the inmates. Anybody found creating disturbance to others during study hours shall be severely dealt with.
  4. The students have to take food from the mess of the hostel. Cooking in the rooms is strictly prohibited. They are asked to follow the following mess hours:

Morning Tea    : 6.00 A.M to 6.30 A.M

Breakfast         : 8.00 A.M to 8.30 A.M

Lunch              : 1.00 P.M to 2.00 P.M

Afternoon Tea: 5.30 P.M to 6.00P.M

Supper            : 9.00 P.M to 9.30 P.M

  1. The students must remember that the gates of the hostel will be closed at 7.00P.M. Hence, they have to come back to the hostel before 7.00 P.M.
  2. The visiting Hour is from 4.00 P.M to 5.00 P.M. No visitor will be entertained before & after the visiting hour.
  3. The warden is the immediate head of the hostel and her decision pertaining to the internal administration of the hostel shall be binding on all inmates. However, the warden will consult the superintendent before taking any important decision. The decision of the superintendent in all matters shall be final.
  4. The superintendent will go for inspection of the hostel at least once in a week and the inmates can meet him/her and communicate their problems to him/her. However, they are free to meet the superintendent in the college premises during office hours for any matter pertaining to the hostel.
  5. The students have to deposit their mobile phones in the switched off mode to the warden at 9.30 P.M in the night and can get back their mobile phones only at 8.00 A.M in the morning.
  6. The students are asked to keep the fans and lights switched off when not in use. Anybody found keeping the lights and fans on without use shall be fined.
  7. No student shall be allowed to leave the hostel without prior permission of the Superintendent.
  8. No student shall be allowed to leave the hostel without accompanying parent /guardian or authorized person.
  9. The students have to pay part of their mess dues on 15th of the month and the final payment at the end of the month positively.
  10. Consumption of any kind of alcoholic drink and drugs is strictly prohibited in the hostel premises. Anybody found to be using such things shall be punished.


Women’s Hostel Fees:

  1. Admission Fee : Rs.   500/-
  2. Seat Rent (for 12 months) : Rs. 2400/-
  3. Electricity Fee : Rs. 1200/-
  4. Utensil Fee    : Rs.   100/-
  5. Furniture Fee    : Rs.   200/-
  6. Caution Money    : Rs.   200/-
  7. Maintenance Fee    : Rs.   500/-


Total                                    : Rs. 5,100/-