Our Vision

The vision of Sapatgram College is to transform this institution into a centre of excellence of higher learning by continuous working towards making education socially relevant and meaningful.

Our Mission

  1. Sapatgram College believes in imparting life-oriented and value-based education- an education aimed at strengthening the body, purifying the mind and sharpening the intellect.
  2. The college seeks to present itself as a major centre of learning for advancement, preservation, dissemination and use of knowledge in this rural and economically backward region of the state and thereby cater to the needs of the society and the nation.
  3. It encourages enrollment of students from different cross-sections of society by providing them with the best of infrastructure and learning resources, so as to make teaching and learning a pleasurable and profitable experience.

Goals & Objectives

  1. The chief goals and objectives of the institution are as follows:
    1. Imparting higher education in the field of Arts to the youths of this locality.
    2. Imparting job- oriented education through vocational / computer courses of studies.
    3. Promoting, highlighting and preserving local culture and cultural stuff.
    4. Inculcating moral and ethical values in the students.
    5. Addressing social needs and problems through extension services like organizing Health Awareness Camps, Free Medical Camps, AIDS Awareness Programmes, and Training Programmes on how to face natural calamities like flood, soil erosion, cyclone etc .
    6. Preparing young people who can transform knowledge/ideas into action and social reality.