The College Library is the soul of a college. It is the central organ of the college where students, teachers and researchers can explore the vast resources of information. In higher education, college libraries have been playing an important role in providing information to the students, teachers and others. Central Library, Sapatgram College has been trying its best to provide efficient service to the readers. The Library has been aiming at supplementing the knowledge of the students which they acquire from their teachers.

Central Library, Sapatgram College is well stocked with more than 17000 texts and reference books, more than a dozen of local and national journals and a few newspapers and other information sources like maps, globes CD-ROMs etc. It is situated on the 1st floor of the Administrative Building with a Reading Hall for students and a Reading Room for teachers. The library follows open access system and it remains open from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM on the working days.

Nature and Development of the Library:

Following sections describe the nature and development of the Library:

1. General:

Name of the Library : Central Library, Sapatgram College.
System of the Library :  Open Access System
Working Days : 6 days a week.
Working Hours of the Library : 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Total Area of the Library:

Stack Area:

Teachers’ Reading Room:

Students’ Reading Hall:

2168 sq. ft.

594 sq. ft.

224 sq. ft.

675 sq. ft.

2. Present Library Staff:

There are presently 3 Library staff members. Their names and designations are shown below:

Sl. No. Position Name Qualification
1. Librarian Mrs. Rita Malakar M.A., B.L.I.Sc.
3. Library Bearer Mr. Bijoy Kumar Roy HSLC


3. Collection:

Books: Total Nos. of Books: 17183

Journal / Magazine: Total Nos. of Current Journals / Magazines subscribed to during the Year 2013-14: 15

Newspapers: Total No. of Newspapers subscribed to during the year 2013-14 : 4


CD – ROMs    : 25

Maps               : 41

Back Volumes : 50


4. Library Members:

Students get membership at the time of their admission in the college. But they have to apply separately to obtain library cards. All teaching and non-teaching staff are also members of the library. Efforts are on to include the alumni and interested people of the local society as members of the Central Library on the deposit of caution money.

5. Fund Allocation:

Funds are generated by the authority. At the time of purchase of books the funds are allocated department wise.

Sections of the Library:

i) Stack Area: All the processed books are in the Stack Room in 29 steel racks. The books are arranged subject wise and the subject guide is displayed in front of the rack.

ii) Technical Section: The books and other reading materials are being classified using DDC  (Dewey Decimal Classification 23rd Edition).

iii) Reference Section: Some Reference Books are kept near Students Reading Hall and some are kept in Teachers’ Reading Room in 9 steel almirahs subject wise.

iv) Journal & Newspaper Section: Latest journals are displayed in the journal rack and back volumes are kept separately in the Teachers’ Reading Room.

v) Book Bank Section: Our library has Book Bank facility for the poor students. Total number of books in the Book Bank is 1015. The Librarian receives applications from the students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Minority/BPL categories at the beginning of each semester which are scrutinized by the Library Advisory Committee and the selected students are issued 5 books each from the Book Bank.

vi) Circulation Section:  In circulation section we follow Browne system. Reader tickets with Library rules are issued to the students when they apply for membership. Due date of books are stamped on the last page of the books for circulation control.

vii) New Arrival Display: Newly arrived books are kept separately on a table for one week or more to bring them to the notice of the users.

Library Rules:

Hours of opening: The library is kept open on all working days from 9.30A.M to 4.30 P.M. The issue counter is closed one hour before the closing of the library.

  1. Membership: All students, teachers and administrative staff of the college are entitled to enroll themselves as members.
  2. A person, who is not a member, shall be admitted into the library only by special permit to be issued by the Librarian.
  3. Every member shall enter his name and class/designation in the Entrance Register at the gate.
  4.  Bags, umbrellas, personal books and such other items are prohibited into the Library.
  5. Mobile phones should be in the silent / switched off mode in the library/ reading rooms.
  6. Silence shall be strictly observed in the Library.
  7. Spitting and smoking are strictly prohibited.
  8. A member who loses a ticket shall report to the Librarian in written form. A duplicate ticket shall be issued on payment of Rs.5.00
  9. Reference books and periodicals are not issued to the members.
  10. Books may be retained for a period not exceeding 15 days by members.
  11. An overdue charge of .50 paisa per day per volume shall be charged.
  12. Dog-earing the pages of a book, marking or writing therein with ink or pencil, tearing or taking out its pages or otherwise damaging it, will be regarded as an injury to a book.
  13. The borrower shall have to pay for books lost, torn or defaced in any way.


The Library provides the following types of services:

  1. Lending Service
  2. Reference and Information Service
  3. Reading Room Service
  4. Photocopy Service
  5. User Orientation Service
  6. Internet Service
  7. Book Bank Service


Computer was introduced in the Library in 2007. Data entry process is going on with SOUL Software developed by INFLIBNET.

Future Plan: 

The library has a future plan to extend the Library building and to introduce more number of computers and set up LAN connection among them and one terminal will be kept in front of the Library so that users can search documents easily when they enter the Library.

For further information contact Librarian at[email protected].