IQAC - Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Sapatgram College was formed in February, 2016 after the 2nd Cycle of NAAC Assessment of the College. It consists of 10 members with Dr. G. K. Saha as a Coordinator. The cell meets frequently to discuss the quality aspects of academic, management and financial aspects. The cell has already adopted some measures for improvement in academic life of the college. It has introduced the uniform Teaching Plan and Execution Diary for the teachers of all the Departments. Attendance of students and teachers are monitored and annual assessment of teachers by students is regularly carried out. Financial and Managerial affairs of the college have improved on suggestions of IQAC.

  1. R. P. Singh, Principal : Chairperson
  2. G. K. Saha, Associate Professor : Coordinator, IQAC
  3. A. Sengupta : Member
  4. M. H. Choudhury : Member
  5. A. B. Mondal : Member
  6. Rita Malakar, Librarian : Member
  7. Santosh Kumar Dutta., Nominee, Local Society : Member
  8. S. K. Poit, Nominee, Local Society : Member
  9. H. Nath, Professional Management : Member
  10. Umesh Das (Alumni)  : Member
  1. C. Bordoloi
  2. Kalita
  3. Sarkar
  4. Sarkar
  5. K. Adhikary