Members of Alumni Cell:

  1. R. P. Singh, Principal
  2. G. K. Saha, Coordinator, IQAC
  3. M. H. Choudhury, Convener
  4. M. Banerjee, Co- Convener
  5. I. Sarkar
  6. P. G. Agarwala
  7. A. K. Adhikary
  8. J. C. Roy


(i) Preparation of alumni register of the college.

(ii) Work in co-operation with Alumni Association.

(iii) Supervision of the work undertaken by the Alumni Association.

Alumni Association

1) Name of the Association: Alumni Association, Sapatgram College

2) Date of Establishment: July, 2004

3) A Brief History:

Though the college was established in 1972 and as many as 32 batches of students passed out of this college, the necessity to form a forum for alumni was never felt until the advent of NAAC. It is rather the idea generated by this organization that helped in the birth of an Alumni Association of Sapatgram College. A general meeting was called for this purpose in the beginning of 2004 in the college at the initiative of 2 teachers who happened to be the alumni of the college. An adhoc committee came into existence in the month of March, 2004. The committee decided to pay more attention to the membership drive and collect as many names as possible. It was not an easy job to get information about 32 batches of students. However, all possibilities were explored to get linkages with the alumni who are spread all over the state and also in other parts of India. After several small meetings, a general meeting was organized in the month of July, 2004 to form a full- fledged committee

4) Activities:             

The Alumni Association has not been able to render its services to this institution because it is still in its adolescence. However, the Association has taken some significant steps for the beautification of the college campus. Some of the activities of the Association are as follows:

  1. The Alumni Association built some cemented benches in the College Park on the banks of River Loska in 2004.
  2. The Association organized a Health Camp for the people living in the adjoining villages of the college on 8.3.2008. Dr. K. K. Nath, Senior Medical Officer, SHC, Sapatgram, checked-up the health of more than 50 people of the neighbouring villages. Free medicines were distributed to the people.
  3. The Association organized a Health Camp for the pregnant and lactating women of the locality on 11.4.2010. Dr. Himanta Nath, Medical Officer, PHC, Santipur, checked-up the health of the pregnant and lactating women and advised them about healthy food. Free medicines were distributed to them.
  4. The Association organized a Quiz Competition on 10th December, 2010 for the school and college students in the college campus.
  5. The Association organized a Debate Competition on Human Rights on 10th December, 2011.
  6. The Association organized a Dance Competition named “Dance Sapatgram Dance” (DSD) for students between 0-8 years, 8-13 years and 13-23 years age groups from 23.3.14 to 27.4.14.

5) Present Committee:

The present committee formed in 2004 has the following composition:-

Portfolio Name Designation Phone No.
Advisors Sri Gobinda Agarwala Teacher +919435402597
Sri Manik Biswas Teacher +919864281698
Sri Praneswar Barman Teacher +919864732905
Sri Santosh Kr. Dutta Former G. B. President & Former Chairman, STC. +919957078623
Sri Ratan Kumar Saha Teacher
Mr. Chabbir Rahman Former Assistant Head Master +919707727626
Sri Aswin Kr. Roy Rtd. Teacher +919864543132
Dr. Padma Guha Agarwala Associate Professor, Sapatgram College +919435541050
President Sri Prabuddha Gautam Sinha Teacher +919954671158
Vice President Mr. Nazrul Islam Teacher
Secretary Mr. Mahabul Hoque Choudhury Associate Professor, Sapatgram College +919864113224
Organising Secretary Sri Parimal Dey LDC Post Office
Joint Secretary Ms. Munmun Banerjee Asst. Professor, Sapatgram College +919401157491
Assistant Secretary Sri Sanjit Dutta Teacher
Treasurer M.s Saswati Dutta Teacher
Members Mr. Jakir Hussain Additional Superintendent of Police, Barpeta
Sri Raju Mandal Asst. Professor, Assam University, Silchar +919864111288
Mrs. Sabana Akhtar Social Worker
Sri Rabilal Das Teacher
Mr. Akramuzzaman Sarkar Asst. Professor
Sri Subrata Roy Teacher
Mr. Saminur Rahman Teacher
Mr. Samsul Hoque Businessman
Sri Nirmal Das Former G.S. +919864766643
Sri Samren Roy Teacher
Sri Madhab Medhi Businessman
Sri Rajib Barman Businessman
Sri Rana Dey Businessman +917896648854
Sri Arup Kr. Debnath Vice Chairman, STC +919954919995
Mr. Mehbub Ben Adham Businessman
Mr. Rafiqul Islam Teacher
Sri Sumanta Mandal Social Worker
Sri Mintu Chakraborty Social Worker +918723945076
Sri Jagadish Ch. Roy LDC, Sapatgram College +919435643774
Mr. Azad Rohman Teacher
Mr. Yusuf Ali Sheikh Asst. Professor
Sri Rajib Dey Businessman
Sri Biplab Sarkar Teacher
Sri Bidyut Roy Choudhury Businessman +918721918223

6) Plans & Programmes:

The Committee adopted some short term and long term programmes for all round development of the college as indicated below. The resource mobilization for these purposes will also be taken up in the course of time.

Short Term Plans:

  1. Health check-up Camps for people of the villages in the neighbourhood of the college.
  2. Carrying out Awareness Programmes on oral health and hygiene
  3. Organising Workshops of students regarding the evil effects of tobacco use
  4. Create AIDS Awareness Camps
  5. Scholarships for poor and needy students
  6. Assist the College Administration by extending voluntary services

Long Term Plans:

  1. Management of the Gymnasium in the College.